Adding A Beautiful Pond In Your Yard

Gouramis are a quite popular chocies among fish hobbyists. For novice fish breeders, breeding gouramis can be an appealing challenge. Getting them to spawn and raising the fry can be a rewarding experience.

Too much light can cause problems in the freshwater aquarium. If your tank is in direct sunlight that will favor algae growth. Don’t leave the lights on for two long. Twelve hours a day of between two and four watts per gallon is plenty for the plants. Give more light and the algae will start to outgrow the plants.

The decision can be crucial when it comes to choosing the location of your koi pond. It should be installed in an area where it can get ample shade from rain runoffs. Rain water may contain chemicals and debris that can threaten the lives of the fish in the pond. However, if you plan to put some aquascape aquarium in the pond, you will need to put it in an area where the some sun rays can land. Or better yet, put the pond under the sun for a few hours every day so that they can still survive in your shaded koi pond.

Dart frogs usually don’t get very large at all. They usually only grow to about 1 inch to 1.5 inches, so they eat mostly a cricket diet with calcium and vitamin supplements. I only recommend dart frogs to experienced frog owners and enthusiasts because of their specific needs and expensive costs.

Algae woes are inevitably the down side of planted aquariums. An aquarium that previously had little or not algae, and was able to be controlled by a dwarf plecostomus, snail and/or otocinclus, may now be covered in numerous forums of the stuff!

The other type of cloudy water that all aquarium keepers hate is green water. This can be caused by a variety of things and depending on the cause the solution will be different. It is caused by algae growth and its presence shows that the balance is out in the aquarium. Prevention is the best cure here but if you have got green water you need to test to find out the cause and then deal with it.

They are not that problematic to take care of either. As with all fish ponds, you have to maintain the quality of the water, but that is not so much of a problem when you know what you are doing. Once you have got the water correct, the rest will follow more or less on its own, although you will have to check it frequently.

No matter which method you use, a water garden, including a pond, will spice up your house. Since you’re using a filter and pump, you can even add fish or other tiny aquatic creatures. Aquatic plants and other kinds of life will probably appear over time and the pond. All you need is a little know-how and a do it yourself pond kit.