Christmas Lights, Tours, And Sparkly Sights Throughout The Richmond Region

My husband and I stayed at Serenity Springs in Michigan City, Indiana. If your looking for a romantic getaway, or a some time to relax, you might be interested in staying a night or two at Serenity Springs.

After learning to be acutely aware of when these block were occurring, I experienced a new euphoria in my life style decision making process. Instead of trying to force myself to focus when I was experiencing one or more of the blocks, I choose to correct my time management instead. I learned to take good care of myself when any of these were occurring and to develop methods to let go of them quickly. This included taking a nap, going to bed early and getting up early, exercising the stress away, and stopping multi-tasking (and be proud of it). Oh heavens, the last one is a whole story by itself.

Elvis: Who doesn’t love The King, right? Tell your fiance “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” with an Elvis theme wedding. When you exchange your marriage vows, why not ask him to “Love Me Tender”? The list of romantic Elvis themed songs goes on and on, making it a really easy theme to dive into. Naturally, the groom will need to wear blue suede shoes, and the bride a 1950s vintage gown. Hiring an Elvis impersonator as your officiant is optional, as is having the wedding in Vegas.

First, I didn’t begin anything without asking what my objective was for doing it. What did I want to accomplish? It didn’t matter if I was taking a shower, making dinner, chatting with a friend or client, or writing. Let me tell you, it sure wasn’t easy to train my mind to answer these. I had taken them for granted for so long, I just did them without thinking. So many times I wanted to toss the task aside as common sense, and how ridiculously small, so why did I need to know the objective? I soon realized that in order to go big you need to start small. The good part was knowing the small was just there long enough.

In addition to getting new threads, the contestants also got a hairstyle cut to fashion. Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves brought out the beauty in each of the contestants as he made the locks lovely.

Dress with finesse. It is likely that your date will put a good deal of care and thought into her outfit, hair and makeup. Don’t show up looking like a slob. Some may argue that a suit is too formal or intimidating for a first date, but it depends on what the date entails. If you are going to a late night dinner, then for a wedding horse and carriage ride, don the suit. Obviously, more casual dates warrant more casual wear. But even if you dress casually, you can, and probably should, still wear a tie. Just experiment with more casual tie knots, such as a black skinny tie or even a retro knit tie.

Bring the excitement of Louisiana Mardi Gras home to your house. Stock up on a bunch of Mardi gras supplies from the local party store, cook up some good Louisiana cooking, and enjoy a fun night together as friends.

New traditions created as newlyweds will be followed not only by the two lovebirds, but also by their children and grandchildren to come. Take time this Christmas to create some new traditions to make the season merry and bright for decades to come.