Learn The Bass Fishing Tricks Of The Masters

Special gifts for men don’t have to be extravagant, they just have to be thoughtful. Thinking outside the box to find the perfect men’s presents can be a fun and easy thing to do no matter what the occasion might be. This is especially true when you are buying something for a man that already has everything he wants.

There are some artificial flies that have combined the surface fly with a nymph that trails just below the surface. The fish sees the combination of the adult fly and the nymph fly, giving it a choice of which fly to bite. Typically the nymph is tied 12-18 inches below the adult fly that floats on top of the water. These combinations have been constructed so that you only have to tie one knot rather than four knots, thereby reducing your time away from the water.

Most robberies occur at night and most travel related robberies occur at rest stops, gas stations, convenience stores and ATM machines. Try to schedule most of your stops during daylight hours, and whenever you stop be aware of your surroundings. If something doesn’t look right leave.

Keep any valuables inside the RV secured and out of sight. It’s a good idea to purchase a small fire proof safe to store valuables and important paperwork in. The safe might protect your valuables from the hazards of a fire but it will still need to be stored in a secure, out of the way place, inside the RV.

One of my favorite stores to go to in search of fishing tackle is Island Tackle & Hardware in Carolina Beach. It is only 5 minutes south of Wilmington and well-worth the drive.

Wooden storage sheds are strong and durable. Wood is probably the best thing to make a shed out of. It is incredibly resistant to almost any weather condition, not to mention resilient. It is also very classy unlike some of the metal storage sheds you might have seen. Wooden sheds do require maintenance and you should definitely be aware of this. Things like mold and mildew can occur. Whatever you are using the shed to store; whether it be tools, cheap fishing lures, garden supplies you will want to have a solid deadbolt so keep that in mind.

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If you need frozen bait, Island Tackle has it. If you need to weigh-in your fish, Island Tackle has an official weigh station. If you need maps, the latest printed edition of the Fisherman’s Post saltwater magazine, sunscreen, or just Menhaden oil, Island Tackle has it all!