The Difference Between EP and LP

So, I learned some new terms in music recently, including what a songwriter demo is and a bunch of other stuff, which I felt I had to share with other music lovers like me.


One of the most interesting things I found out was the difference between an EP and an LP. If you’re planning to put out new music, you will need to figure out which release format is best at the given time. Should you release a single, an EP, or an LP?


While it is pretty obvious as to what a single is, if you’re new to the music business, the difference between an EP and an LP may not be all that clear to you. As usual, you can count on us to help you out. So, what’s the difference?


EP stands for Extended Play while LP means Long Player, which is the format used for entire albums. The main features that set them apart are:


Length and Size: An EP is usually a compilation of 4 – 5 songs on a disk and often less than half hour long. On the other hand, an LP, being a full album release, can contain 10, 15, or even more fully produced songs depending on the disk used and the amount of songs the artist wants to put out.


Timing: If you’re looking to build momentum or quickly capitalize on the popularity of a single, an EP is probably your best option to stoke the consciousness of your fans and keep your music current. An EP is quicker to put together and does not need to be fancy or perfect; just a few of your best singles at the time. This is especially helpful if you’re working on developing a few song demos and don’t yet have enough songs to fill an album, or want to whet the appetite of your fans ahead of your full album release.


Quality: An EP may be of lesser quality when it comes on to graphical work and presentation. This is not the case with an LP. An artist wants to make a statement with a full studio album, so the very best in graphics design and arrangement is often employed to make sure an LP is eye-catching. Plus, LPs often have a ‘B’ side that may contain additional music, while EPs just include the songs that have been named. It should be noted that nowadays both LPs and EPs can be streamed on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music, as well as downloaded, depending on where and how you make your music available to fans.


Choosing between an LP and an EP isn’t always easy. To begin with, the cost of producing music at a professional studio level, whether a songwriter demo or full song, is something that will affect your capacity to put out new music. You should weigh the pros and cons, as well as consider the needs of your fans before proceeding to produce either.